Self-Reliance vs Leaning on God

Yesterday I posted on P.D. Tripp's first question at the end of chapter 16.  Today I will touch on  his second question.
Where in my life do self-reliance and self-righteousness keep me from humbly seeking the mercy of the Lord?

This is a good question for me to ponder this morning.   Generally speaking, I consider myself pretty "self-reliant".  

As a young teenager,  I worked hard de-tasseling corn, bailing hale, and mowing grass.
When I turned 16, I purchased my first car before I had a license to drive it.

Barely 18, I graduated high-school and moved out of my childhood home and got a job to pay for living expenses while I was in college.

Later, while in collage, I took a full-time job to pay for my extra expenses and was working a full-time position within my field before graduating college.

Rarely did I ask for help, rarely did I rely on others, to be honest, some of my childhood and young adult life left me feeling as if I really couldn't depend on others.

Then came tragedy.   My world was rocked, my life was shaken, and I really felt I had no one to turn to.  I reached out to where I thought I could find help, but it was only temporary.  Sure I could lean for a little while, but I quickly realized that others struggled with the same problems as I.

My only choice was the Mercy of God...

Self-reliance can take you far... mixed into that was a bit of self-righteousness since I felt like it was me that accomplished what I had.  It was only by God's Grace that I am here today.  My future is secure not in my achievements, not because of the boot straps that I pulled up, but because of God and His wonderful gift.

This weekend we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  We will celebrate the good news of life eternal and the promises made.  We will celebrate a Righteous and Deserving King.


  1. Relying on the mercy of God is the only thing that makes sense. I get into too much trouble when I decide "I can" vs "we can." It never ceases to amaze me how God gets our attention to trust.

    1. I agree with God getting our attention... Never ceases to amaze me either. Thanks for stopping by Bill!

  2. Hi, Ryan! Have you been blogging regularly for the last several days? If so, I haven't received them in my inbox. :( So happy this one popped up today!
    With regard to self-reliance, as great as it might sound, it doesn't serve us in the long term. We do so need to rely on our Lord and Savior. It is by His grace that we are here at all.
    May your Easter be blessed!

    1. Fairly regularly, mostly weekdays... but definitely since Monday of this week.
      Bummer you haven't been receiving, my host is free, so I can't complain about it too much I guess. If I choose to keep blogging after a year, I may consider moving to a more reliable hosting solution. Thanks for letting me know....

      May your Easter be blessed as well, thanks for commenting!


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