As promised... today's topic will be on the 3rd path option that is often attempted.  The Shortcut...
I can completely relate to the story P.D. Tripp starts the chapter with regarding His father and the quest to seek the shortest route.  --Except this would be a story about me.

Technology has made this quest a little less difficult and in many cases more enjoyable as the need to stay to the known and trusted route is not as important with the use of various mapping options available on smart phones.  That said, they can still get you into trouble if followed without any regard for their accuracy.

Navigating life is a bit more difficult.  The culture will  tell you there is a better way... Other Christians will tell you there is a better way.   Books, Conferences, Blogs, Vlogs and many other options exist to tell you what you need to do to improve your life, to be more spiritual, to lose weight, to make more money, to have healthy relationships, etc.

Many of these opinions do not come with a disclaimer of the risk associated with the shortcuts they often elude to.  Do this or that and you will reach your goal.  The problem is that there is always a cost whether it is tangible or intangible.   You can't change direction and avoid putting something else at risk.

There aren't too many real shortcuts in life.  Sure, some may play the lottery in hopes to "win big", but the vast majority will only lose the money they have spent.  Sure, in an effort to increase your physique, you can take body building supplements or drugs, but what are the long term effects on your body.  Sure you can dedicate yourself to doing more of this or more of that each day... but there will always be cost.

For the last month, I have committed to walking 30 minutes a day while listening to something that will grow me spiritually.  There has been a cost.  My knee has started to get a noticeable discomfort.  I am pulling away from my family for 30-40 minutes in the evening.   However, the cost has been worth it.  I have more energy and stamina, but more importantly... I am almost through the New Testament again... In Hebrews now.  I suspect I will finish before Easter. 

There aren't really any shortcuts.  It takes time.  Time in the Bible, time in prayer, time in devotion.
That path to God is simple, just follow it, though rarely is it easy.


  1. You are 100% right Ryan. There is no shortcut to growing in the Lord. If there was it would be called "Christianity Lite." So glad to hear about your physical discipline, but even more about the spiritual discipline it is accomplishing. I just wish I would do two things at one time. Walking and listening is doable. Walking and absorbing another. Maybe that is one of the reasons I like cycling. It is a one focus sport. :)

    1. I would be hesitant to wear headphones while riding my bike. Walking on the treadmill helps me focus. I can read, listen, and reflect. On occasion the "reflecting" part requires me to go back a chapter and re-read and listen again.

    2. Never wearing phones when riding. That, to me, is a definite no-no. Even without them I couldn't stay out of the way of that car. Wearing them could be disastrous.


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