Take Heart... God is Love

The devotion I am reading this week is titled "Take Heart".

I hadn't thought about it much, but Tripp identifies something that we tend to throw out a couple phrases that are often used in an effort to try to make someone feel better.  I know I have probably been guilty of using the phrase "Take Heart"... followed by a serious of words that are my attempt to make someone feel better about situation or circumstance.  I know I have been the recipient of such attempts.

Tripp points out that though the phrase is likely used with good intentions, however, it really only attempts to minimize the pain or struggle by providing false hope, false expectations, and delusion
There are some things that are bad, that are struggles, that are deep concerns and minimizing them doesn't make it go away.  The "hope" offered isn't a solution, but merely words.

I need to be more careful when talking to people.  Sometimes the circumstances don't get better.
I heard a phrase once that has stuck with me.  It was during one of the hardest times in my life up to this point.  The pain was real and the phrase that stuck with me was that I needed to find the new normal.  Sometimes there is no going back, sometimes things don't work out, sometimes simply "taking heart" won't cut it.  Sometimes... I need to find my new normal.

However, in the midst of the circumstance, the trouble, and finding the new normal... Tripp outlines 5 attributes of God where I can "Take Heart."  It doesn't change the circumstance, but it can help establish my new normal.

God is Love, God is the very definition of love, God is the source of all Love.  Love would not exist if it weren't for God.  Despite what I am going through, despite what circumstances are presented to me and around me, God Loves me.  The source of Love, loves me.   This is one of the reasons I can take heart.


  1. I'm taking it you will use the 5 attributes to blog about the rest of this week? or am I going to have to go back and find Tripp's devotion in my copy? :) You are right though Ryan. Finding a new normal seems to be part of my daily task.

    1. Most certainly, I will be hitting the second today (Tuesday). Seems like change is the new norm at times.

  2. Yes, remembering that God loves us can get us over so many trials and troubles as we seek for our new normal. Because of His love, we can tell ourselves to take heart.
    Blessings, Ryan!


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