Take Heart... God is Wisdom

Day 2 - Take Heart

Monday, I borrowed P.D. Tripp's first listed attribute of God as a reason we can truly "Take Heart"
That is Love,

Today...I will focus on a second attribute that allows us to take heart.  
 God is the source of all wisdom!

Just ponder that for a moment... 
This doesn't say that God is wise, smart, intelligent, intellectual, a scholar.

This attributes God to being the source from which ALL WISDOM comes.

So not only is God Love, but He is the source of all Wisdom.

Many try to claim to have wisdom and many may actually have SOME, but to be the source of all wisdom,  I want to tap into that... I can tap into that!

However, access to that wisdom doesn't come through activity, access to that wisdom doesn't come by hearing a good message on a Sunday morning (sorry pastor friends)... Access to that wisdom doesn't come by listening to a good song (sorry worship leading friends)... or reading a good book (sorry author friends)....  No...

The only real direct access to the source of Wisdom come with a relationship with the source of that Wisdom and that relationship is with Jesus Christ.

Sure you may be able to glean second hand wisdom from other places, but ultimately the only real source is Jesus.

Tripp points out that in Colossians 2 (you can read it here)
Jesus holds the treasure of all wisdom and knowledge.

Access to the source of Wisdom must begin with Jesus, there is no back or side door.  There is no alternate route.  Once that relationship is in place and the connection is established... I can take heart.
Having confidence that the source of Wisdom and Love has me in His hands.



  1. Excellent thoughts my friend except I take great exception to saying pastor friends cannot impart wisdom. :) Then again, as I think about it...you are absolutely right. True wisdom comes from God in His Word. "His word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

  2. Truly, God is the source of all wisdom. May we be faithful to turn the source for all knowledge and insight, that we might take heart.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. The source is the best place to get the knowledge and insight we seek. Thanks Martha for commenting.


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