Viewing Myself

Continuing on this week in the chapter, "Your'e Talking to Yourself".
One of the subjects in this chapter is:

How do I view myself?

P.D. Tripp asks the question...
"What do you regularly tell yourself about yourself ...?"

Am I encouraging faith?
Am I encouraging hope?
Am I encouraging courage?


Do I bring about doubt?
Do  I bring about discouragement?
Do I bring about fear?

Through my young adult life, I was pretty cocky.  If you asked me, I would tell you I knew just about anything about everything.  If not, I could probably convince you that I did.   This "false" since of self manifested itself in arrogance and self reliance.    Then life happened.

I normalized through my 30's or so and then other circumstances resulted in me doubting myself more.  I viewed myself as a failure.  - Bottom line, this changed how I lived life.  My family life suffered,  my work suffered, my friendships suffered, my health suffered.  All because of how I viewed an spoke to myself.

Thankfully, this is not where I stayed.  Various changes needed to occur, but the most important change was my focus on God and to begin viewing myself as God views me.   Not as a failure, but as His child.  Not as a worthless good for nothing, but as a useful member of God's family.

If you are discouraged, if you are without hope, if your faith is failing or non-existent, If you lack courage, if you have doubt, discouragement, or fear.... Know that God wants to bring you close and adopt you as his own.  He wants to fill you with the hope that only he can, however, you will need to put your trust in His Son, Jesus.


  1. One of the most powerful things I love about God is He never gives up on me. even when i was and sometimes still am an arrogant twit. I'm glad he waits patiently for me to wake up and see correctly.

    1. He has and continues to be patient with me for sure!


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