What is My Heart Singing?

Starting late this week as I read a new chapter from P.D. Tripp's book I have been using as my primary devotion since the beginning of the year.

The title of chapter, "Uber Music"

I'll be completely transparent this morning, my heart wasn't in it.
As I read the words on the page, I felt distant.  It felt forced. 
Perhaps with a busy weekend and a late start to this week, my focus became the activity vs God?

Thus the reason for my title.... "What is My Heart Singing?"

Then I read Bill's Blog this morning....  see it here!
And it hit me like a brick.

Why is it that some days I feel like I could take on the world for Christ and other days I struggle to get out of bed. 

It was a busy weekend for sure.  Involved with the planning and various activities with our Sunday Service, followed by a visit to see  some of my family and extended family.

In some ways the busyness distracted me, but I really have to ask... What is My Heart Singing?

Tripp references the vs from Psalm 27:6
"I will sing and make melody to the Lord"

Am I really or am I simply going through the motions?

I needed a gut check this morning... I still need a gut check to be honest.  I need to re-focus and get my head (and heart) back into the "game"   --except it isn't a game at all... there are souls that need to experience the love of God.   If my heart isn't in it, I am not bringing that love, I am bringing a counterfeit that is worthless.

Pray for me this morning if you will, I need that second wind Bill describes.


  1. Praying for you, Ryan! Yes, I usually wake up ready to submit to God's will and seize the day on His behalf, but this morning - ugh! I think the long weekend drained me, too. Fortunately, God nudged me back onto the straight and narrow, and I'm certain He'll do the same for you.
    And I agree - Bill's post was great!

    1. Thanks Martha, Perhaps that was it... I buckled down and got back to work and stayed productive. Time to get some exercise after sitting at my desk all day.
      Also wanted to let you know, I managed to stay away from cola from lent to Easter, walked the treadmill almost every day - couple days I was dealing with a sore knee, and listed to the entire New Testament + some additional audio book content. Great challenge for nearly 40 days and I am going to work to keeping it up.

    2. Good for you! I hate to admit that I fell behind on some of my Lenten commitments, but like you, I'm going to keep plugging away at them and keeping them up.

  2. Been out of town the past two days so i am getting a late start to this party. First, thanks for the shout out. Second, i think the long, busy BUT meaningful week drains most of us. Did me. Monday I was just sort of "there" or maybe that is "here." Wherever I was i was not all there. :) Busy Sunday with a bike ride in between the worship time and cleaning up was okay but I paid the price on Monday. Good challenging thoughts today Ryan. Being gone is putting me behind the 8-ball as well. Where's my tail?

    1. Hope you had an enjoyable visit. Perhaps what you describe is it... maybe I was/am drained... more reason for the second wind. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Somedays are like that for me also. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that day ahead can be, or is so busy, we want to jump right into it before we have that communion with the Lord.

    1. Welcome Ed, thanks for commenting. I agree... the day gets busy and if I don't set time aside, God gets the leftovers if anything at all.


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