Which Way To Go?

Continuing my read of the chapter this week and it seems Tripp lays out three options when traveling the road of life.

We have the option to follow God.  To take the path that will lead us to Him.  It isn't a path one should consider easy or without it's challenges.  Jesus indicated that those that follow this path will face trouble.  It is the path, however, that places the responsibility of reaching the destination on Jesus.  On this path you have a guide, you have protection, you have provision and you have a promise... You will reach your destination.

Then there is he path that promises pleasure, the path the promises indulgence, the path that promises gain.  This path forces you to forgo your guide, your compass, and your protection, but promises the risk is worth the reward - a promise that cannot be delivered. The path may look cleaner, clearer, and with less obstacles from the main path, however, the danger is just around the corner.  The quicksand, vipers, and cliff edge is just a step away.  What appears to be a quick diversion encompasses you.  It entangles you.
Before you know it, you are over your head, beat-up, poisoned, and making no forward progress.  You may even find yourself walking in circles....That's when you look up.  Look up for the beacon of light that will navigate you back to the path you know you need to be on.  Sure you may have to cut trough the underbrush, you may get more cuts and bruises along the way, but you have a light to follow.  A beacon of hope to navigate by.  Thankfully, even on this alternate path, God can still reach out to you and pull you back, you just have to be willing to take His lead.

The third path I will cover tomorrow.


  1. That first path sure sounds a whole lot better to me spiritually. The easier one appeals to my flesh. Bad move. I choose His way.

    1. No doubt... I pray when I take the alternate path that I have the sense to look up and make my way back to the one path that matters.


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