Chased Heart

This morning, my attention was drawn to another excerpt from the chapter.

After a number of items Tripp lists to validate his (and my) corrupt heart... he follows up with this.

"Lord, Once more draw my heart to You.
Capture my thoughts.
Command my desires.
Submit my will.
Direct my plans.
Make my heart pure..."

 I touched on my desire yesterday for being given a clean and pure heart.

That doesn't happen naturally, that doesn't happen without intervention. That doesn't happen without being sought after and dare I say chased.

God is chasing after my heart constantly.  He continually seeks after me.
This isn't a one time thing as Tripp points out... "Once more draw my heart to You."
Once more...

I know myself... I know I will be asking this till my last breath.
At the moment that I ask once more, I know that God has already chased me back down.
I know he is turning my attention to him.

My thoughts, my desires, my will, my plans... God, they are yours.
I will likely continue to struggle with pulling each back out of your hand and when I do, I pray once more draw my heart to you.


  1. When I read your comment about being chased, I immediately went to the description of God has "the hound of heaven." English poet Francis Thompson wrote that. An early Christian rock group named Daniel Amos had a song about it. Like the hound who pursues the rabbit or fox, God pursues us. But I want there to be a time when he stops pursuing me and I start pursuing him with all my heart.

    1. I love the imagery of the hound of heaven.. I think it is perfect.
      Thanks Bill

  2. Yes, Ryan, it's not a one-time act, but one of constantly allowing God to chase us down, catch us, and draw our hearts to Him once again. Like you, I'm sure I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

    1. My hope is the chase becomes far less frequent and I can simply enjoy the company. Thanks Martha


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