I am having a bit of a block this morning as I am beginning to write.  I even considered not posting today, but I decided to simply start typing and find out where it will lead.

My devotion from Tripp this morning is titled "safe".

As I read through the devotion which was laid out more like a poem, Tripp lists a bunch of things that really do NOT make us safe.  This goes on for the first full page and onto the second.

About the middle of the second page, we discover that God is who makes us safe, but he continues to describe that it is not the circumstances of life that He is making us safe from.

We will all suffer sickness, we will all suffer loss, we will all suffer pain, we will all suffer disappointment, we will all suffer death.  These are simply the consequences of living in a fallen world.  This is NOT what God will save us from.

So what is God saving me from...  I believe God is saving me from my self.   He is saving me from my sin, from my decisions to do wrong (but not necessarily all the consequences).  He is saving me from an eternity in Hell.  He is also saving me from Him, from His wrath, judgement, and condemnation.

Today can be especially difficult to comprehend the safety that God promises.  Especially for those who have lost a loved one while serving in the defense of this country.  Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen, to remember those who sacrificed their life to protect ours.  Many of the lives lost put their safety in God's hands.  I pray they are celebrating even now as they are able to spend eternity in the safety and security of God's presence. 

I pray today for those who have lost a loved one defending this country.  They too have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice as they continue in this life with only the memories of the those that have fallen.  May God bring you peace, may God bring you comfort, may God bring you hope of a future celebration and reunion in Heaven.


  1. Even though I got to this a day late (Tuesday) i appreciate your memorial for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.


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