Impulse Drive

I am a sci-fi fan.  I like to watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Battle Star Galactica,...
Most make reference to an impulse drive in some form or fashion with the craft they use to travel through space.

That isn't what I am talking about, though I guess there could be some parallels.

Impulse Drive...
I am speaking more of my decisions, my desires, my motivations, my cravings.
What makes me move...  What gives me the drive to pursue.

Tripp points out that our we are far less impulsive than we might think.  The decisions I make are more thought out than I realize and they typically point to something that is a "powerful organizing force in your life"

One of Tripp's themes, and likely the theme of many authors of Christian themed books is that of living for self vs living for God.   The reason for this overarching theme is likely derived in part from the words of Jesus in Luke 9:23
"If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me."
 This isn't a one time thing, this is a daily thing, many times a hour by hour or minute by minute thing.  Jesus knows our hearts, he new that decisions are constantly being made.  He knows those decisions are based on a powerful force... self.  This is why he calls us to deny ourselves daily, take up our cross and follow him, an even more powerful force - God.

So when I think my decisions are impulsive, they may appear that way on the outside, however, the motivation, the desire, the passion, is often to fulfill my own desire which makes it far less impulsive and more decisive than I might think.

My choice to follow God or Self isn't impulsive, it is a planned course that I have made.  Only then will I engage my impulsive drive.   I am thankful, that I don't have warp engines... I could find myself in a very dark place very fast and without a clue on how to return. 
I need to point my ship in the direction of the brightest star.... God... and engage.


  1. I act on impulse at time. Least I thought I did. But now I'm confused. :) the key, as I see it, is your last paragraph. Following Christ is a choice I make. Made. and Will make.

    1. Tripp makes the distinction better than I did... Basically our "impulsivity" is driven by our desires of the heart. What we desire we pursue. If we desire God will will pursue His will... If we desire fulfilling our wants, then we will pursue self.
      In that many of my decision, though they may be "impulsive", they are not really... They are simply triggers that I need to learn to recognize that steer me into the direction of self and not God. The last paragraph is a daily choice for me... I know I often get it wrong, but strive to get it right.

  2. I love Star Trek!!! :)
    Yes, taking up that cross is a daily/hourly/minute by minute action we must consciously make. The desires of self need to be submitted over and over again to the will of the Father. Some days, it's harder than others, but it always, always pays off in the end.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. Another Trek fan... We have been watching Star Trek Discovery... It has been decent so far. --- Some days are definitely harder, but you are correct... will pay off in the end.


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