Learn Your Lesson

My third read through the chapter this morning... and if anyone is thinking, wow, the 3rd time through the same chapter... it is just 3 pages.

I've title my post "Learn Your Lesson".  This title comes from Tripp's 3rd way to respond when being sinned against.

Earlier in the chapter, the page before, Tripp outlines some of the responses people have when being sinned against.

  • wallow in the what if's and the could have beens
  • bunker down and determine to live a self-protective life away from others
  • strike back in anger
  • wrap yourself in a cocoon of silence
  • speak out and act out in haste
  • doubt God

I'll be the first to say I have done all of the above.   There is probably a reason as they are all tied to one common theme..

They all put me in the center of my story and try to make me the author of my life and not God.

So what lesson is there to be learned?

The struggles we have internally, externally, situationally, personally, societally, physically, emotionally.... If I am not the author of my life and God is, then that means that God has allowed these struggles to come.  No doubt he has the power to prevent them, no doubt these struggles were not part of the original creation design, no doubt that God purpose is not pain...

But God's purpose IS refinement, it IS redemption, it IS growth, it IS to alter my focus on self and refocus on HIM

Surgery is often attributed with pain, with some suffering, with recovery.  God is the great physician, the surgeon, that during these times of refinement is when God has me under the spiritual knife and is working to remove the disease of sin from my life... and surgeries often have a recovery period, but after it is done, the expectation is healing and being free from that which burdened us prior to the surgery.

So I ask the question one more time.... What is the lesson to be learned?
When I am going through struggles, when I have been sinned against, as hard as it may be, I need to look at it as an opportunity to be refined, redeemed, and made whole.  I need to remember that I am not the author, nor the center, of my story... God IS.   I don't look forward to it, but I look forward to the outcome.


  1. Putting God at the center of my story is easier said than done. I say I'm going to do it, but then when push comes to shove I renege on that. Especially if it leaves me feeling vulnerable. But I need to because (as you state) I need to see the outcome not how I am going to get there.

    1. It is most certainly easier said than done... a nearly constant conscious effort. Focusing on the goal is the key as the journey can be tedious.

  2. Hi, Ryan! Yes, just got back from my mother's so can finally respond to blogs again.
    Yes, we do have to remember that God is writing our story, not us. When suffering comes, as you say, we need to look at it "as an opportunity to be refined, redeemed, and made whole." Now, if we can just remember that going forward . . .

    1. Remembering while in the midst of the suffering is the hardest part. Glad to have you back in the blogosphere.


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