Longing of the Heart

Into a new chapter this week  from the book a SHELTER in the time OF STORM.
The chapter is titled: "Not Yours"

I decided to post the questions from the end of the chapter to ponder this week.

  1. What does your (my) heart long for other than the Lord?  How does that longing shape the way you (I) live? 
  2. If longing for the Lord ruled your (my) heart without challenge, how would your (my) living be different?
Both questions cut into me this morning.

How am I living, really?
Sure I wake, do my devotion and jump into my day.
But, how are my interactions throughout the day?
Am I sharing the love of Christ, or simply working to get my hours in.

How are my interactions with my family? 
Most of the time time they are good, but sometimes, I have to admit, I get frustrated.
What is the cause of that frustration.... Usually because something wasn't done that I thought should be done.  My "kingdom" was adjusted without my consent.

What about my weekend.  Most of the time it is spent running.  Saturday is usually filled with a project or maintenance or running around as it is the one day I can finally get out of the house for an extended period of time.  The day is usually self-serving or involves chauffeuring... but at least I am out of the house.

Sunday, I wake up early, and head in to prepare the "tech" for the Sunday message.  I'll be honest, my heart has not been in it as of late.  It seems to be more of a chore than a ministry.   My frustrations are slowly climbing in this are as well.   What I "signed up for" and what I am now doing seem vastly different.  What started as being willing to "help out" has turned into much more.

So I go back to the questions above...
How am I living, really?
If God ruled my heart... really ruled my heart... Would these things frustrate me?
Would I allow circumstances to dictate my attitude, feelings, and behavior?

It looks like this week will be another week of re-calibrating my heart.
Have a great day!


  1. Such vitally important questions to ask ourselves, Ryan. We do need to reflect honestly on why we get frustrated by or distracted from doing the things that should bring us joy in serving others. Yes, a re-calibration of my heart is definitely in order!

    1. I can't disagree Martha, when the joy of serving has left... I need to determine why. I will continue on doing what I do while I try to understand what is going on and while I work to refocus on God and away from self.

  2. I'll recalibrate along with you Ryan. Your asking questions I am asking myself of late. However, I c an say this: get tired of "your ministry" there you can always come back here! :) :) :) Love ya man.

    1. Good questions to keep on my mind for sure. Questions that need to be revisited regularly. What is my heart longing for? As for coming back, my heart still aches my friend and the tears still fall.


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