Not an Accident

I am taking this morning to wrap up the chapter I have been reading through this week.
The chapter titled: "Sinned Against Again"

I pulled the suggestions Tripp authored and created a post on each one this week.
Run to the Temple
Remember Your Place
Learn Your Lesson
Reflect His Light
suggestions on how to respond when being sinned against... again.

Tripp's conclusion is this...
"Remember you are not alone"
"What is happening to you is NOT AN ACCIDENT (my emphasis)

I believe God allows free will.  The freedom to choose the path in front of me.  I believe God allows choices to be made by me... and by others.  I do not believe God initiates the sin against me through others or the sins I commit against others.

I do, however, believe God knows it will happen and provides options for me to either grow through it or be beaten down by it.  There are many ways to respond to being sinned against...
I will try to choose the four options listed.  The alternatives would leave me bitter, fearful, hateful, vengeful, isolated, depressed... the list goes on.

Tripp finishes the chapter with two questions, I'll paraphrase...

1) How do you respond when sinned against?
2) Which of the four options listed do you typically forget when responding to being sinned against?


  1. I think the most difficult thing to do in the face of being sinned against is still being able to reflect God's light, especially back at the person who inflicted the wound. However, as you say here, Ryan, God gives us the opportunity to grow in the process, and that's the route we all should take.

    1. I agree Martha, it is difficult. Being reflective of God's love toward those that have hurt us or someone we care deeply about is a struggle for sure. God provides what is necessary to overcome, but it still isn't easy.

  2. I think I have been at all four of the responses at one time or another. I'd like to believe my response to being sinned against (gossip, etc) is one where I run to God (temple) but in my younger years I tended to be more feisty and justifying. I would like to think I reflect His light more now. Maturity is supposed to bring that I think. :)

    1. I agree Bill, I think maturity can have that effect. I have also seen another effect with "maturity" and that is losing one's filter. I guess it all depends on how we mature... Maturing to self or maturing in Christ. Thanks for the comment.


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