Reflect His Light

You might notice a similarity in the title of the post and the title of my blog...Wasn't planned, and I just wish perhaps Tripp hadn't chosen it to go along with the enduring of suffering and painful experiences...

That said, I suppose it does make sense...

What better time to reflect God's light when in the midst of suffering.  In the middle of pain and sorrow.  When being sinned against or simply struggling with the curve balls of life.

Anyone can put a smile on their face and be happy when things are going well.  When the stars are aligned (not that I believe in that) and the cards are dealt in favor of me.  Sure I can be joyful, I can praise how good God is.


What about when things take a turn for the worse.  What happens when I am dealing with a death, a sickness, and incurable disease, a child that is going in the wrong direction.  What happens when I am being wronged verbally, physically, emotionally.  What am I choosing to reflect in those times?  What are people seeing in me then?

Tripp points out in his fourth and final ways to respond to difficulty that it requires submission.
Submitting to God's will, submitting to knowing that God not only wants me to submit to his will, but he wants me to give myself to the values and work of His kingdom.   He is calling me to suffer well and in ways that can only be explained by His work in my life so that others can see His glory.

What does that look like?   Instead of sitting and sulking at the side of the field, I am to put my feet to the ground, my hands to the plow, and work the field he has put before me.  I am to stop focusing on the hurt, the pain, the wrong that has been done and simply plow.  Not that the pain will go away, but that it would stop being my focus. 

My younger sister said something in the midst of a tough situation one time.   One can choose to live as a victim or one can choose to live as a survivor.  I think God wants me to live as a survivor.
I'll take it one step further... God is not asking me to just survive, but He has given me what I need to thrive.


  1. I believe your younger sister is spot on Ryan. And your words after are even more "spotter on." Not all that happens is good but living as a survivor is much better.

  2. Amen, Ryan! I agree that God does not want us to simply survive, but the thrive. I'm reminded of the verse Jesus spoke (and I'm paraphrasing): I came to give them life and give it abundantly. May we always reflect God's love no matter what we're going through.

    1. Great verse... and it applies so well. I forget the abundantly parts at times.


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