Remember Your Place

Had an opportunity to spend the evening with my wife and we decided to go see a movie our children recently watched and have been very good about not spoiling it for us.

Avengers: Endgame

No spoilers here, but will link it to my devotion this morning.

Tripp's second point is "Remember your place"
When I chose to become a Christ follower, I accepted the reality that my life is no longer my own.
My story is not my own. 

In much the same way the Avengers give up their "normal" life to save the universe over and over again, we too give up our lives for the sake of God's kingdom. 

We obtain "power" through the Holy Spirit, yet I too often keep it to myself and don't use it for what God intended.   My purpose is larger than my life, the glory I have been chosen to live for is not my own. 

According to Tripp, and I believe this to be true, real personal contentment and joy cannot be reached by living life for myself, but for one one that deserves the glory.

So when being sinned against, this is the second point to remember... If the glory is not mine to live for, then am I the one being sinned against or is it really God.  I need to learn to forgive, let go, and respond in a manner that is larger than myself.  Because God has done the same.


  1. I, too, agree with Tripp about true, real personal contentment and joy cannot be reached by living for life for myself, but for one who deserves the glory. That was a great point! I also liked your reference to Endgame by giving up their normal life.

    1. I have been struggling a bit lately with trying to find that joy to be honest. I think my biggest struggle in this area right now is dealing with the expectations and assumptions of others. If I can learn to remember that the glory is not mine to live for... I think I would find that joy much easier.


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