Take Heart - God is the Authority

Coming into day 4 on the responding to my reading of the "Take Heart" chapter.

We have talked about the attributes of Love, Wisdom, and Power...
As the creator, God also maintains the ultimate and only real Authority.

What God wills, happens.  Nothing will stand between God and His will.  I am thankful that God has chosen to have have a relationship with me.  Without that choice, without that desire, I would be nothing.

What I find interesting is that God chooses to have a relationship with me, but at the same time His will is for me to want to have a relationship with Him.  He will not force the issue, but he may allow circumstances to come about that will lead me to a cross roads.   A point in life... or several points in life, where I am forced to make a decision.  A decision to choose God or not.

However, despite the opportunity God gives me to make a decision and choose him, he still maintains His authority.

There will come a day when God's ultimate authority will be realized.  Today we live in a world where God is mocked.  Today we live in a world where His name is used in ways it was not intended.  Today we live in a world where God is blamed for bad, and ignored in the good.
Today we live in a world that continues to reject God's authority, however, a creation can never escape the rule, the desire, the authority of its creator.

My wife and daughter wanted me to watch a couple Bob Ross shows this week.
I'll be honest, I really wasn't looking forward to watching someone paint for 30 minutes.
But there was some soothing about it.  The more I watched, the more I became interested in the outcome.  He would always say, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents".
Though I don't think God makes mistakes or accidents, he did make a world where he allowed the will of man to be allowed for a time.   God supplied the canvas, God supplied the paint, God provides the borders in which man would live, and then with each brush stroke the scene changes.
While we as little colors of paint run around the canvas, God will have a masterpiece in the end.

Take Heart, God is the Authority.


  1. As the authority that means He is also my boss. I will relinquish my way and my desire and my will to His if I truly want Him to be the total ruler. I like what you say about the will of man only being allowed for a short period of time. Ultimately, His authority will have the final say.

    1. Agreed, but more than a boss... A boss I may obey in fear of losing my job. God I obey, not so much for fear of loss, as he has already forgiven my past, present, and future... I obey out of the desire to please Him. There are times I don't... I feel it deep within.

  2. Ryan, I love your analogy of watching a Bob Ross show, and comparing it to God providing the canvas where we are free to become "happy accidents" that He will one day turn into a masterpiece. Just brilliant, my friend!

    1. I have my moments, or perhaps God has his moments through me. Let's go with that. Thanks Martha.


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