Take Heart - God is Grace

Finishing up this morning on the 5 attributes of God that allow me to take Heart.
Tripp does point out earlier in the chapter and I don't think I caught it until today.

Taking heart does not mean changing our emotions, but rather it's an invitation to go to a place of rest that really only God can provide.  This is huge. God is not asking me to be numb to the world around me or within me. He is simply asking me to put my faith and trust in Him.

I can do this because of his love, wisdom, power, authority, and last but not least... His Grace!

His grace is really what gives me the opening to even be able to approach God.  Without His grace, I would not even be able to approach Him.

God's grace give me the freedom to live life.  His Grace gives me the opportunity to live life abundantly within the boundaries he has set up before me.  His grace allows me to face life, face people, face circumstances with the living risen savior within me.  I can live life without fear, without hesitation, without anxiety and take the world on face to face.  Not in my power, but through the power of the creator of the universe that is available to me because of His grace.

Tripp ends the chapter with these two questions.

1) What situations and relationships are you (am I) facing right now that are tempting you (me) to lose heart?

2) As you (I) consider the listed reasons to take heart, which are you (am I) most tempted to forget?

Have a great weekend and God willing, I'll be on to the next chapter on Monday!


  1. I honestly don't think I'm tempted to forget any of these attributes of God you've discussed in your recent posts, Ryan. I DO want to remember them all any time I feel I might be losing heart. I've so enjoyed this series, my friend, and looking forward to Monday!


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