Take Heart... God is Power

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I love a good storm.  I love watching the flashes of lightning, I love hearing and feeling the rumble of thunder.  I love the wind that blows.  I am not a fan of the damage that it causes, but even storms have a purpose.  Take a walk outside after a good storm and take a deep breath.  The air seems more clean, the dirt is washed away...

The power of God is on display during one of these storms.  Do I think God directly causes these storms to occur, I don't know, but I don't think so... At least not all the time.  I think He can, but I also think many of the storms and natural phenomenon we see is attributed to the fact that we live in a broken fallen world. I think they are possibly even the remnants of the Great Flood where the waters of the deep burst forth and forever changed the landscape and environment.

Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, even the Sun... All display enormous amounts of power.
Then you have the atom... and nuclear energy.

This power had to come from somewhere.  That somewhere is God.  The source of Power.

Thinking about God's awesome power is like trying to imaging the grains of sand that exist on this Earth... and then imagine an infinite number of Earth's.

What I think amazes me more is that even with all that power, being the source of infinite power, He still wants a relationship with me.  He bridles that power that could eradicate every living thing and is patient to wait as I stumble through life.   God's power, a 3rd attribute that I can take heart in.


  1. I simply cannot fathom the type of power God has. It so overwhelms me I am speechless. All I know is that He is in that storm-weather-wise or the one that rages in my heart.

    1. Bill it is overwhelming and as much as I try to imagine, I come infinitely short in being able to conceptualize or articulate the true power of God. And Hie is in those storms for sure!

  2. Ryan, the thought of how powerful our God is, yet He still wants a relationship with each of us, absolutely blows my mind. I can neither comprehend nor understand it, but I can certainly delight in that knowledge, and take heart.

    1. That IS the mind blowing part Martha, that he wants a relationship with me despite how small I am.


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