War between Paradigms

The war between "God's Way" and "a way that seems right to a man" is real.
The constant tug to fulfill what Eugene Peterson calls the Holy Trinity replacement.

holy wants, holy needs, holy feelings

The constant battle to seek God, knowing that is what is just and right and true, yet the war rages within the heart to seek my desires, my wants, my increase, my utopia.

The predictability becomes nauseating.  The life that I want to live compared to the life that I am living seem far apart at times.  At other times, I have convinced myself I am not too far off.

It's not about doing good or not, it's not about avoiding the bad.  It really boils down to the relationship I want to have with my Father in Heaven.  I boils down to my desire to seek him and rest in him and follow him.  It's about engaging him on a regular basis in conversation, in praise, in worship. It's about wanting that relationship to grow stronger, not just be maintained.

This all goes directly against the wants, needs, and feelings at times.   A desire for a new car, a vacation, a trip away.  Having time to do the things that "I want".  Pursing the things that I think "I need".  Avoiding people and circumstances that effect "My feelings"

The war is real, the war rages, the war will continue.
The battlefield is in my heart.   


  1. A war for sure. One I wish I could win more consistently. But also one I will keep fighting.

    1. The war has been won, thankfully, it's the day to day battles I must keep fighting.


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