What Treasures I Seek?

My blogging has been a bit inconsistent this week.  A lot on my mind and more tired than usual, so I have been sleeping later which doesn't work well when I have a pretty set start time.

Which leads to this post...and the conclusion of the chapter this week.

What Treasures I Seek...

Tripp closes the chapter with 2 Questions...

1) What "treasures" tend to claim your heart and set the agenda for your life?
2) Where have your wants, needs and feelings set more of the agenda for you than the call of the Lord in His Word?

WOW!!!!  Talk about a slap in the face on a Saturday morning...

So this week has been much around the two worlds, the world of me and the world of God.
About the choices made and though on the surface, they seem impulsive, deep down, it can be summed up by which world I live in.  Impulsive choices really just come from the desire of the heart in many cases.  And our lives are really quite organized, but in many cases organized into two categories, mine or God's...

So the question must be asked...
What is setting my agenda?  What wants, needs, and feelings are motivating my choices and direction in life?

Are MY goals and MY expectations and MY desires superseding were God is calling me.
Am I too blinded by my selfish ambition to see and hear what God is trying to say to me?

I think this is often the case, even as I write this I am pondering my plans for today, for this weekend.
my summer plans, my plans for late summer, my future plans when my teenage children have flown from the nest and my next chapter begins.   Will I allow God to write that chapter or have I already started to pen it?   Much to think about, much to think consider, much to change.


  1. Indeed, Ryan, you've given us all MUCH to ponder today. We all make plans, but we really need to stop and ask God if our plans are what He wants for us. If not, than a change of course is absolutely necessary.
    Blessings for a great long weekend!

    1. Stopping, Asking, Following... That needs to be my plan


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