First I want to apologize for dropping off the blogosphere for awhile.
No excuses, no good reason, just took a break.

Sadly I took a break from my devotional time as well and I have noticed a difference.
I found myself more irritable, less compassionate, less motivated, less desiring of the things of God and more desiring of things that would appeal to my own selfishness.

I just arrived back from Seoul, South Korea the night before last.  Two of my adult children, my 18 and 19 year old, and I had the opportunity to travel with the martial arts school we attend with 15 others.  We toured the various palace grounds, museums, and various sites of Seoul and other towns.  We trained under the direction of various martial arts leaders.  We had the opportunity to  meet and sit with Hae Man Park, a taekwondo legend and President of the Chung Do Kwan.

We trained at the Kukkiwon, we trained at Taekwondowon, we trained in a private dojang of a national champion... we trained while climbing a mountain.

All great experiences, all I would do again, perhaps at a slower pace, but would do again.

All of these likely had less impact than our last day of site seeing which had us touring a couple temples. I was hesitant, though as part of a group, I felt compelled to stick with the tour.
No doubt the architecture was impressive, no doubt the colors and the attention to detail was beautiful, however, as we entered the grounds a bit of uneasiness settled within me.

Though I must admit that I found that one tour to be a bit unsettling, I learned something about myself.  As I witnessed the number of devotees and monks, their desire to seek something outside of themselves was obvious.  Many bowed to the statues of Buddha, many rubbed the various statues and charms, and provided their "wishes" on paper, stacked stones for good fortunes, peace, and prosperity.   The ornate, the decor, the rituals, the devotions... to be honest the level of attention to a statue makes many Christians, self included, seem uninvolved, uninterested, lacking desire and lacking motivation to serving the one true God.

How is it that Christians can be outdone when it comes to the level of devotion and dedication when we serve the only living and only true God?

I think much of it comes from the delusion of independence which is the title of the devotion I will be reading from this week.

Looking forward to getting back in the saddle, I hope you will join me.


  1. Glad to have you back my friend! I knew you were gone but no clue when you would get back. Sounds like some good lessons were learned. I, too, am troubled by the devotion followers give to false gods and false religions. Cults like JW and Mormons have a more "rabid" demeanor than those who follow the one True God and His Son. May God fire your heart anew and mine as well to pursue Him with vigor.

    1. Good to be back, in more ways than one. The jet lag is really hitting me hard though. Took a 3 hour nap yesterday after work. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I second your request that God fire my heart anew and yours as well...

  2. What a fantastic trip you had, Ryan, though your presence here was certainly missed. And you ask such a provoking question here - why don't Christian show that same kind of devotion, day in and day out, to the True and Living God? Definitely something I need to ponder about my own walk with the Lord.
    Blessings, and glad you're home safely!

    1. Thanks for coming by Martha, good to hear from you as well. The power of darkness, the counterfeit gods, the delusion... they all have a stronghold on the hearts of many. My observation only makes me question how much of a stronghold it has in the lives of Christians as well. Chains that need to be broken


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