Dependent By Design

The love of independence, of self-help, self-reliance, self-esteem.  The lie of being what I want to be and doing what I want to do.  Tripp concludes this lie makes me believe that I am wiser and more righteous than I actually am.  It makes me blame the bad things I do, the bad decisions, the rebellion on not what is inside of me, but on the outside influences and circumstances of life.  This lie is there to take my attention away from my design.  My expected purpose, my make-up.

It is absolutely craxy to think I have all I need within myself to make it a single second apart from my creator, my God.  However, my pursuit for independence continues regardless.

Several of my long-term goals in life currently speak to such pursuits.

1) Retire early, put enough money away in my 401K and other investments that would allow me to retire by age 60.
2) Acquire a piece of property to retire on.
A plot of land isolated from society, free of the need for power, water, communications.
Self-sustaining plot of land where my power needs come from the sun and other sources, water needs come from the ground and creeks, and my food is raided or grown on my land.  A wall around my property that keeps those within safe and keeps out those that would cause harm.  A Utopia in my mind, but would likely result in me being enslaved to the one thing that I was hoping would bring me rest and peace.

Reaching a level of "independence" such as this would require an extensive amount of work.  It would require regular and ongoing maintenance. --- and in the end, it is still a lie. 

I would never be fully independent of society.   I would need money to pay taxes, to get medical help, to replace and repair broken parts... all of which require interaction with the outside world.   As exciting as it sounds, as "self reliant" as it promises to be, it is not the truth, nor it is how I was designed to live.   I was not designed to live independent of the people around me.   Just the opposite, I was designed to live as a member of the body that Jesus is the head of.  I was designed to work in conjunction with the other parts, to serve a common goal.  To do the will of our Father.

What about my long term goals... I am praying that God would help me establish some new ones.  Ones that fit into his plan, not mine.


  1. Nothing inherently bad with long term goals, Ryan, but it is the lie that they can serve to satisfy us in the way that serving God and others can. We are made to live in relationship, so isolating ourselves, either physically or emotionally, from this world just won't work. It's not on God's radar, and shouldn't be on ours.
    And yes, prayer concerning what your goals should be is paramount.
    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply... I think you are correct, Martha, my goals, my plans, will never satisfy or replace God. Isolation is self seeking... not what God designed me for. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Ryan, this speaks to my soul. Thank you.

    1. Diane, thank you for stopping by. Sorry for the delay in approving and responding.

  3. As you described your retirement home I thought, "Man that sounds like an awful lot of work." You pegged it. Free from one;slave to another. I think your last line sounds best. I'm there too.

    1. Still working on the new goals... not sure what they look like yet. To be honest, not sure I will know until I get there. Thanks for commenting Bill!


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