Independence is something that is often celebrated.  We celebrate the 4th of July and in my opinion for good reason.   We celebrate the coming of age whether that be a 13th birthday, a 16th birthday, an 18th birthday, or even a 21st birthday.  We celebrate graduations from all levels of schooling.
All of these mark a milestone.  A step from dependence to independence in many ways.

Have we taken independence too far? Have we celebrated it to the point that our thoughts of dependency on anything leads to a negative connotation?    Does the though of being dependent make us feel weak or lacking something?

Our society puts such a strong emphasis on being independent that it leaves little room for the one that we should all feel completely dependent on... and that one is God.

Tripp points out that the very first lie, the very first opportunity for the serpent to spread this idea came in the Garden when he tempted Adam and Eve and presented them with the opportunity to become independent through knowledge.  For them to become like God.  --This however was only a half truth and came with consequences as we all know.

So what is it about independence that draws our hearts and minds.  Why is it that the idea of being dependent makes most squirm.  Why is it that yielding my desires and my wants, opinions, expectations to a hire power... to God make me uneasy at times.   I do find the older I get, the thought of dependency has more of an appeal than when I was younger.   Perhaps some wisdom has been gained, perhaps I am just getting lazy and tired.  Regardless, I know I need God.   I know I need him as much now (if not more) than I ever have.  I also know I have a long way to go before I can pull off my patch of independence and leave it behind.

I will try to pull out more thoughts as I continue to digest the chapter this week.  I hope you will join me.


  1. I think a lot of our problem, Ryan, is we are taught to be independent from our days as a child. We rely on our parents but eventually they want us to grow up and do for ourselves. So to be independent from God is not so hard to see why. It makes it harder to be reliant on God. Just my .02 worth. Looking forward to more.

    1. I can't disagree with your statement in regards to being taught to be independent as a child. I am guilty as well in that projection of expectation to my own kids. Perhaps the expectation should be hard work, honesty, respect, integrity, and full dependence on God. As I have another who is preparing to leave the nest, that should be the focus, not leaving for the sake of independence, but moving into the world so his full dependence on God can be experienced.

  2. Yes, in a society that treasures independence (or once did), admitting we need anyone or anything, even God, can seem like an admission of weakness. However, we both know this is dead wrong. It is precisely because we depend upon God that we can have the strength and hope to face life with all its hardships. He will never fail to prop us up and carry us forward as we continue on this journey.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. I am thankful that God is there to prop me up and carry me even with my independent mindset. He knows my weaknesses and knows my strengths and continues to work in me and through me. I'll admit freely that I need God as much now as I ever have ... even if some in society consider that weak.
      Blessings to you as well Martha!


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