Counting the Costs

Yesterday I was hit with the realization that though I say I worship God... I often do it in a way that is less than devoted.   I pondered that for awhile and continue to ponder that.

This morning after praying and reading through the chapter again... I decided to go a bit deeper.
Being devoted to Christ... To our Father in Heaven is more than words. 
It is more than simply getting up and reading through some words on a page.
It is more than speaking words from the mouth with my head bowed and eyes closed.
It is more than simply writing my thoughts in a book or on a blog.

What does it mean to be fully devoted? 

Jesus Talks about the costs of being His disciple.  To being "ALL IN", to being fully devoted.
I think this is different than my salvation.  Jesus paid the price for my entry into heaven.
Though, when I became a Christian, I am not sure I was told how much it would cost. ---
However, the cost is no comparison to what Jesus did for me.

I read through Luke 14:15-34 this morning.  The cost of being a disciple.

What does that look like today?
I think it means that the would "MY" should probably stop being used.


The cost of being a fully devoted follower of Christ is that "MY ________" is no longer MINE

Holding onto the above only forces me to keep a portion of myself in "MY KINGDOM"
And I can't stay in one Kingdom while trying to move to God's Kingdom.

I struggle with this daily.   Time is probably my most tightly held commodity I hold on to.
I like to help, I like to be involved, but I like to do it on "MY TERMS"

The question I ask myself... Where am I holding on with closed fists in my life?
Are there other areas where I have grabbed a hold so tightly that my hands are frozen and won't let go.  The problem is... If I am holding on so tight to what I want to maintain, I cannot reach for God.


  1. i think your last statement is the most probing of all: "My _______ is no longer mine." As 38 Special once sang: hold on loosely. We need to hold onto things/life with open hands because they don't belong to us. Good thoughts again my friend.

    1. Not sure I am familiar with the song, but definitely need to be familiar of the message. - Thanks Bill.

  2. You truly made me ponder my own actions/inactions, Ryan. Am I holding onto anything or anybody more than I'm clinging to God? Our hands must be open, not clutching in fists, to be able to receive Him into our hearts and minds. Thank you for this inspiration today, my friend.

    1. Thanks Martha, Perhaps I can find a way to tie strings to my finger tips and pull them apart. Especially in regards to how much I hold on to my time.


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