Discernment of Time

Saturday morning post which I haven’t done in a while...   I have been contemplating this chapter more this week than I expected.   I truly value “my” time.  It is the one piece of  “my” life that I feel I have a little bit of control over.  I know my mindset needs to shift... it is not “my” life any longer...  However, I am the steward over it.

I am challenging myself to really think about how I spend the time that has been given to me.  I know there will be sleep.  That is a given.  I know there will work, that too is a given.

The question I am pondering is where does God want me to spend my ministry time.  In reality, my life should be a ministry.   How I interact with my family, my coworkers, my friends...people I run into at the store or while eating at a  restaurant.

How about opportunities that others may want to pull me into?    I struggle with this at times.  I struggle with becoming overcommitted and sometimes overwhelmed.  I struggle with maintaining a balance that allows me be involved without expectations becoming more.    I struggle with saying no at times and sometimes being to quick to say no.

I know my time is not my own, but I also know God has made me steward... and it is my responsibility to discern, through God’s leading, where that time should be spent.

The flip side of this is that I know I have more time than some... maybe even most... perhaps Iam simply holding on too tight.

Prayer and discernment needed.


  1. Thinking of ourselves as stewards of the time God gives us is a wise perspective to have. And I agree, Ryan, that we should be living out our ministry in every facet of our lives - in close relationships and casual ones. And just as an aside, learning to say "no" was, for me, extremely empowering. Mind you, I don't say that word to an opportunity until I've prayed about it, but we do have to understand our limits.

    1. No is a word I am still learning to say... and when I do, it is still hard to stick with it.


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