Living with Appreciation

I am posting late today because, well.... I slept in this morning.
Amanda, my wife, and I had an opportunity last evening to take the motorcycle out and go to dinner.
We used a gift certificate that I was given for my birthday and decided to make use of it.
Outback called our name and steaks were on the menu and ultimately on our plates.
Getting home late, then not sleeping well... probably because I ate too much resulted in me getting up just in time to start my work day...

Tonight I decided I wanted to post.  I have made a goal to post 200 entries for the year... I think I may make it, but can't take too many days off.

So what to write about this evening.  I mentioned earlier this week that the chapter was short, however, I think there may still be more to say.

Tripp concludes the chapter with two questions.  I'll post one here and comment on it.

"In what ways would your practical, daily living change if you lived with a deep and lively sense of appreciation for the horror of the rejection Jesus faced for you?"

--Appreciation for the horror--
I'll be honest the question is hard, but I'll give it a shot.  Looking for your thoughts as well.
So I think not taking what Jesus for granted is high on the list.
He suffered so that I would not have to.  He faced rejection, so I would not have to.
He faced separation, so I would not have to....   EVER.
Not only when I die, but in the here and now.  One thing I have grasped over the last couple years is that I don't have to live in the pit.  That is a lie from Satan himself.  I don't have to "feel" like I am not good enough.  I don't have to worry that I have not done enough to live up to God's expectations.
God does not see me as me... He sees me through the eyes of Jesus... Perfectly accepted.
... now here is where the "appreciation" comes in...   I am a child of God.  Now some earthly parents may reject their children, but God only did that once and only for a short time and only with the one that could bear it.    So the appreciation comes in trying to live a life that is pleasing to God.... Not for favor... Not for acceptance... but because I appreciate all that Jesus did for me.  I love because I am loved.   Those are my thoughts.   Have a wonderful evening (or morning) depending on the time you visit.


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