Love and Grace

Kicking off the morning with my devotion and oh does it make a difference.
I'll be finishing up my response to this week's devotion with the 2nd question that Tripp has asked at the end of the chapter...

"Where is God calling you to offer to others the same love and grace that you have been given?"

This may be an easier one to respond to than the question last night, right?
So where is God calling me to offer the same love and grace?

Family for sure... sometimes I am most critical on them.   I need to apply an extra measure of grace at times.  But I think God is expecting that my love and grace would extend beyond the bounds of the four walls I live.

How about extended family... This can be a challenge for sure.  I'll be honest, sometimes it is difficult.  I need to remember the Jesus endured more than difficult for me.  So I should do the same.

How about friends.  Perhaps easier, though there are times.  But again, this is expected.

Now let's get tough -
Grace and Love extended to coworkers... I must admit, this is harder at times.
How about neighbors that let their dog out and the dog finds himself in my yard.
How about the driver that is texting and not paying attention to the road.
How about the guy standing at the stoplight with a sign asking for money.
How about the person that disagrees with your political, social, or "religious" views.

God did not withhold His love and grace from anyone... Not everyone chooses to accept it, but it has been freely offered.  I need to keep this in mind that if I am the hands and feet of Christ, then I should be offering the same... Unconditionally and Without Exception.


  1. Love and grace are the themes that reoccur in my novel series, Ryan, because that's what our lives, as Christians, should be all about. Could I send you a set for free? And if you'd like one for your church's library, let me know that, too. Just visit my website to send me a private message with your mailing address, and the books will be on the way!
    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Martha, I don't know what to say... just I am honored and thank you.

  2. Without exception. Yes, that is it.

    1. That is the challenge at times... without exception.. but where I stumble, Jesus did not, so when I do --- His "without exception" applies to me.


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