One Great Desire

Happy 4th of July...   Today we celebrate our independence as a nation... but I am reminded of another Independence Day that can be celebrated as well.  Independence from self.  Independence from the chains that hold us down.  Independence from the baggage carried and the garbage that can be left behind.  Celebrating our independence from sin and our accepted dependence on God.
That brings me to my devotion this morning.

I continue morning in my devotion titled “Singleness of Focus “.   A line jumped off the page this morning and it was this question.   “Is your life shaped by one great desire, a desire for the Lord?”

I mentioned yesterday that I want to answer this question with YES....  However, I have a way to go if I want answer it honestly.    

Two questions that Tripp asks at the end of the chapter.

1. What pursuit forms the reason for deciding, doing, and saying the things I do?
2.  How would my responses to daily situations and relationships be different if I were hooking them to the glory of God?

Two questions That can be used as a test,  day to day, to gauge how I am doing.   To gauge my focus and perhaps provide a point of reference to my focus.


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