Many have suffered some form of rejection in our lives.   Perhaps it was rejection from spouse or a loved one.  Perhaps a close friend.  Maybe an employer.  For some their own children have rejected them.

Rejection is painful.  Rejection can leave one feeling vulnerable.  Rejection is a self-esteem killer.  Rejection can result in anger, frustration, sadness, aggression.

I think the hardest form of rejection would likely come from that of a parent to their children.   The emotional scars that are left, the feeling of not being loved, the feeling of being tossed aside.

My devotion this morning (and week) is on the rejection Jesus endured on the cross from His Father.
A rejection that was more painful than the torture he endured.  A rejection that was more painful than death itself.  A decision Jesus himself knew was coming and Jesus asked for an alternative in the Garden of Gethsemane.  (Matthew 26:39)

This was the hardest, most impactful, most painful event Jesus would ever experience...
Separation from His Father, yet, He willingly accepted "the cup" that was passed to him because it was the only way.

He chose to endure this suffering so that you and I would not have to face the eternal separation from God that we deserved.

The devotion is short this week and has a very simple but impactful message.  Am I living a life that truly appreciates the sacrifice that was made for me.  More to come.


  1. Sometimes the shortest are the strongest. Love your application Ryan. Am I living a life that truly appreciates the sacrifice Jesus made?

  2. Are we living in a way that honors Jesus' sacrifice? Such an all-important question, Ryan, and definitely not one to take lightly. Yes, rejection hurts, and I can only begin to imagine how Jesus must have felt as He took our burdens to the cross . . .

    1. I have felt various forms of rejection...but like you, I can only begin to imagine...
      Thanks Martha.


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