Sacrifice -
A word that could bring various mental images to mind.

Sacrifice an act of surrendering a possession as an offering.
A word often associated with slaughtering of an animal or even a person in some religious ceremonies.  The expectation in many religions is to receive favor from a god.

The act of sacrifice was often permanent for item being sacrificed.
No take-backs... once it was done, it was done.

God does not require people to slaughtered  as an act of sacrifice... there was that one time with Abraham and Isaac, but God had a plan....

Oh and the 2nd time... But Jesus overcame death...and that too was God's plan...

God's expectation now is a living sacrifice...

So what does it mean to be a living sacrifice?
Shouldn't it have the same permanence?
Shouldn't it be the act of surrendering myself as an offering to God?

Shouldn't it even "hurt" a little?
The reason I ask is the devotion this week, talks mostly about what "I" want...

 Tripp writes something that jumps out at me this morning...

"My dissatisfaction is not because You (God) are not wise faithful loving good, but because I do not get my own way"

This is the turning point of the chapter...  It's not that I lack faith in God... It's simply my 4 year old child in me throwing a tantrum and wanting his way.

Two questions are asked...

1. Where, right now, is God calling me to personal sacrifice of time, energy, and/or money for the sake of his kingdom?

2. What thing in my life am I holding to too tightly?  Where do I wish I was sovereign so that I could guarantee that something I want remains in my life?

---Everything in my possession will at some point be removed.
---Every relationship in my life will at some point change
---Every second I have remaining on this Earth is a gift.

Nothing on this Earth is permanent... I need to quit living like it is.


  1. Yes, Ryan, nothing on this earth is permanent; we need to constantly remind ourselves of this fact, surrender all our wants to God, and let Him work in and through us. Easier said than done, I know, but I'm committing myself anew to Him each day. Sounds like you are, too!

    1. Sometimes many times throughout the day... Thanks Martha!

  2. Absolutely penetrating devotion Ryan. That last sentence says it all and i wanted to shout a hearty AMEN! I guess I could since no one is around. :)

    1. Has been for me this week and as much as I want to live with open hands, I still like to keep a clinched fist.


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