This morning, I decided to take a look at the flip side of the devotion and thoughts I had yesterday regarding being rejected.  The look today is from the perspective of the Father... The one who offered the sacrifice, the sacrificer.

As much as Jesus was pained with the separation he felt from His Father, I am sure that God, the Father, was as much if not more pained by His need to sacrifice His own son.  
This isn't the first time we see this picture, but it is the first time we see it fulfilled in this manner.

See many years prior another person was in a similar situation... His name was Abraham, His son, the sacrifice was named Issac.  After many years of waiting on the promise from God for a child from his wife Sarah, God delivered.  The son they had waited for was born.  After some time, and as I reviewed the scripture from Genesis 21 and 22, I could not identify an approximate age, however, I suspect he was still young enough to be picked up by Abraham as he was "laid on the alter"

Abraham was asked to do the unthinkable, the unfathomable, the incomprehensible... Take the son that God had given him and sacrifice him as an act of faith to same God.     WHAT?????

I do not know how I would have responded.  Perhaps if I had heard the audible voice of God promising a son despite the age of me and my wife.   Perhaps if I had experienced the miracle conception and birth of my son.  Perhaps if I had heard the audible voice of God commanding me to do what was being asked.    BUT WHY GOD?   

The emotional agony both Abraham and God the Father must of went through to prepare their own sons as sacrifices.  I am not sure what would have been worse in this case... to be the one being sacrificed or the one offering the sacrifice. 

In Abraham's case, God provided an out.   He provides a ram to take Isaac's place.  God's test for Abraham was a test that I am not sure I would have passed.

But honestly, I am not being asked to pass that test.   I am being asked to pass a different test.
Not a test to see whether I am worthy to spend an eternity in heaven.   I definitely could not pass that test.  That was the reason for God's sacrifice of Jesus to begin with.  I don't have to pass that test, that test was taken by one via proxy - Jesus... and he passed with a perfect score.

My test is now that I am "in", what do I do with myself?  Do I live a live that is deeply appreciative of that sacrifice?  Do I truly give God the thanks He deserves on a continual basis?
I will not have to deal with the agony of the decision that both God and Abraham had to make.
My sacrifice is personal, it is me.  I don't have to die physically, but I should be living as if I have died to my self.


  1. Worthy? No. As you said. But a sacrifice? Yes. A living one as Romans 12 says. I'm glad the ultimate price and sacrifice has been made. Now may the Father find me willing to give it all to Him.

    1. That is my struggle, my willingness to concede. My willingness to really give it all.

  2. I have always, no matter how many times I read it, found the story of Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice the one son God promised him, a stirring call to the caliber of my own faith. Abraham's trust in the Lord knows no bounds, and the story does foretell the ultimate sacrifice God would make by actually offering His own Son up for our sins. May we be willing to sacrifice ourselves in obedience to God's will for us.
    Blessings, Ryan!


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