Singleness of Focus - Part 2

I know the title isn't very creative this morning, but there is more to say I think.   More for me to grasp at least.

I decided to hone in on where my focus tends to default to... Kingdom of Self...
Why is that?  Why do I find myself constantly changing my focus on things that will never bring satisfaction or fulfillment?

Tripp describes my life perfectly as a picture of a constantly changing narrative of fickle affections careening from one hope to the next...

Perhaps it was my schooling early on... then my career, my wife, my kids, my accomplishments, my stuff, my house, my activities, the church I attend?   NONE OF THESE WILL BRING  FULFILLMENT... They are not bad, they are not evil, but they cannot be my focus.  Life changes, people change, jobs change, church (little c) changes, activities change, my house has changed, my stuff falls apart or becomes dated.

So as one goes, my satisfaction begins to dwindle and I shift my fickle affection and focus to another "creation".    My heart continues to seek what can't deliver.

How do I shift that mindset?  How do I shift my focus to the one that can truly deliver.  The One and Only that can satisfy and fulfill?  It is not easy.  I am not sure it is fully possible this side of Heaven.
Some appear to grasp and attain this much better than others.  Not trying to be judgemental or legalistic, just observing... How do I transition from "saying what I want to desire"  to "pursuing what I want to desire"? How do I make it something I go after with a passion and a pursuit that is unstoppable?

I am not sure I have the answer..  As I finished re-reading the chapter... I'll be honest and perhaps a little critical.  I am not sure Tripp has the answer in this chapter either.  The issue has been pointed out.  The symptoms I am well aware.  I don't see a 5 or 10 step plan revealed in how to change my heart's desire.   I will continue down the path I have begun and work to increase prayer and devotional time, seeking God's wisdom and seeking His guidance, most importantly... seeking a stronger relationship.


  1. Your sentiments here, Ryan, remind me of Paul's admission that he finds himself doing the things he knows he shouldn't when he clearly knows what's right. Human nature? I think so! Yet I think you are on the right track here: Prayer, devotional time, seeking God's guidance and wisdom, in order to form a better relationship with Him. It's what we all need to do. I pray He will make that the desire of our hearts.



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