Singleness of Focus

I am stealing my title this morning from the title of the chapter for this week's devotion I am reading authored by P. D. Tripp... "Singleness of Focus"

Before I jump in, however, I would like to apologize for the couple weeks of being awol
After I had written my last post... I think the enemy decided it was the perfect opportunity to wreak a little havoc in my life.  Nothing that can't be overcome... just some anger, frustration, rebellion, and sadness.  Perhaps it was me realizing that what I have dreamed about for a long time was not going to happen... or at least not happen the way I wanted it to.   I don't know... Regardless, I decided, right or wrong, that I was not in a place that I could really share my thoughts.  My devotional time became non-existent, I found myself sleeping in and waking up just in time for work.

Over the course of the last week, I found myself becoming a bit more distant.  I found myself getting angry over little things again.  I found myself getting frustrated.  -- All symptoms of not being close to my Father.  This morning I woke up and though I tried, I wasn't able to roll back over and go back to sleep.  I knew it was time.  I knew I needed time alone.

So I read the chapter this morning...
A couple things I picked out from the chapter.

I don't live on instinct, my life is directed by the thoughts and motives of my heart.
I live in a constant pursuit of something...
There are two categories of what I can pursue... The creator category or the creation category.
The creator category is the "Kingdom of God"
The creation category is the "Kingdom of Self"   (A common theme in the books I have read from Tripp)

My singleness of focus prevents me from really seeking both...  The lens of my heart can really only focus in on one or the other.   What my heart desires is where I will lean... It is where I will navigate to.

I know my focus has been on self...   It is a constant battle.    One day the walls of my kingdom will be shattered and I will only have the option to live in the Kingdom of God...
Perhaps I need to march around these walls once a day for 6 days... and on the seventh march around 7 times... Anyone have a ram's horn?


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