The process vs the THERE

Reading my devotion this morning titled "Spiritual Muscles".
The basic premise  of the chapter is around my response to waiting on God.

The verse that is the basis of the devotion is this one from Psalm 27:14
Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

Notice... "Wait for the Lord" surrounds the words in the middle... let your heart take courage.

It does seem I do a lot of waiting.  Perhaps it is because my human mind is so tightly bound by the constraints of time.  I feel like I am always waiting on something.  In a world of instant gratification and I want it now.  In a world where the norm is to reduce the wait as much as possible.   In a world of credit cards and Fast Passes (amusement park reference), instant communication and information.
In a world where waiting a minute at the stop light puts us on edge.  In a world where 3 people in line at the checkout has the expectation of a new line being opened.   In a world where Fast Food, instant meals, and if fast food isn't fast enough... it can be delivered straight to your door.

God asking me to wait seems crazy in my limited mind.  Why would God want me to wait when what I am waiting for is sure to be good for me?

Perhaps the "WHAT" is not as important as the process of getting to the "WHAT".   Maybe the process to get there is more important than the "THERE"

Maybe God is trying to use the time I wait to build something up, to change me.  Maybe just maybe the process is needed to get me to the "THERE"

Tripp outlines a few negative habits that I know I have fallen into during the wait.
I'll cover those tomorrow.


  1. Yes, Ryan, all that waiting time is an opportunity to allow God to shape us and improve us for His kingdom. Living in an age of instant gratification doesn't make that waiting easy, but God has other plans, ones we need to wait faithfully and patiently for.

    1. God does have other plans... very rarely is it instant. Growth requires a little time... sometimes more than I like, but it is necessary. Thanks for commenting!


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