I want to apologize for my absence from posting over the last week.

I had a number of opportunities to post, however, Amanda's grandmother was staying with us and is an early riser as well.  We had a number of opportunities to sit, enjoy a cup of coffee, and talk.   It was good for both of us. 

This past weekend presented a number of opportunities for waiting.  Friday, most of my family piled into our vehicle and we drove to Kentucky to spend the day at an amusement park.   My family likes to ride roller coasters, but with that typically comes some of the longest lines in the park.   This means waiting.    Waiting for an hour in line at times to experience 30 seconds of adrenaline inducing excitement.  

Why is it I will wait for 60 minutes to experience 30 seconds of thrill?  Why is it also that in the same brain I will wonder why God (who exists out of bounds of time and space) is taking so long to answer my prayers.  Seems like some distortion of thinking may be going on.

Another experience this weekend occurred on Saturday.   Amanda's grandma had mistakenly taken her glasses home with her rather than her own.  Amanda has a spare, her grandma did not.  We took the opportunity to ride the motorcycle the round trip.  We chose to avoid interstate and ride back roads and enjoyed the scenery.   It was sunny, but a beautiful day for a ride.  We dropped the glasses off, visited for a bit, and left.  Heading home we stopped at a restaurant for dinner and then proceeded to ride home.   We chose to take a less familiar route home that happened to be country roads.  The winding and twisting of the roads kept my speed in check and then it happened.  

The gushing sound of rapid decompression from beneath our seat and the immediate reduction in control.  It was by God's grace that I kept the bike upright and was able to move off the side of the road.  It was by God's grace that we were not on a tight corner when the tire went.  It was by God's grace that we had chosen a back road where our speed was slower than it would have been on a highway.

Then we waited...  15 more minutes we would have been home.   Thoughts of what if flew through my mind for a moment.  What if we were on a corner when it had blown.  What if we had chosen a different route with higher speeds.  What if I had not kept the bike upright...  
A lot of what if's entered my mind...  

A thought that continue to recur....   God is not done with me yet.    Some may see this as arrogant, I see it as there is still a lot of refining God has left to do in me.
Regardless, the waiting was not bad.   We were shaken, it gave us time to gather ourselves. 
Also, the adrenaline I experienced in those few seconds was more than I experienced the entire day at the amusement park.

More importantly, the reminder of how little control I have and the reminder of God's grace in my life continues to amaze me.     My devotion this week will continue on with waiting.


  1. Oh, my word, Ryan!!! I'm so thankful that neither of you was hurt! It reminds us of our recent close call with the lightning strike; how things like this put everything into perspective, even waiting, as you did for the roller coaster ride and for help to come as we waited for the return of the internet. Yes, I'll be the first to admit that God has lots of refining to do in me, too. You are not alone!
    And your books should arrive this coming Thursday, so be on the look out.

    1. Martha, I can't deny it took me a moment to gather myself after we got stopped. Thankful it turned out the way it did. As you said, it puts things in perspective.
      I am on the lookout and looking forward to the opportunity to read them.
      Thank you so very much!

  2. Glad you guys are safe and okay. Little different when one of two wheels go out than one of 4. 'Course on my bike if a tire goes out I go nowhere. I just pray that it never happens coming down a hill. :)

    1. Me too... Definitely different on two vs four. Recognizing there was an issue was almost immediate. I have had a blow out on a bicycle once too... I was on a flat country road when I was a kid... the only thing that hurt there were my feet... from having to walk the bike until we could find a way to call home.


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