A common theme came about in my last two posts and the responses...
It is my willingness which brings me to my 3rd post this week regarding the rejection Jesus experienced at the cross.

The quality or state of being prepard to do something; readiness 

Another definition
:inclined or favorably disposed in mind:
:prompt to act or respond
:done, borne, or accepted by choice or without reluctance
:of or relating to the will or power of choosing

The definitions come from Merriam-Webster online...

Willingness, am I really favorably disposed in mind.  Am I prompt to act or respond?
Have I accepted by choice and without reluctance.  Have I had the willpower to choose God?

Tripp spends a good portion of this chapter reviewing the rejection Christ endured, however he also spends the other half on where I have failed.   Where my "willingness" is put into question.

Here is the list pulling straight from the book a SHELTER in the time OF STORM page 85 and 86.

"I am the liar"
"I am the thief"
"I am the gossip"
"I am the rebel"
Now to paraphrase some.
I want my own way, my own time, my own place.
I want my kingdom, My wisdom, My plan, My sovereignty
This is me...  Despite all of this... God did the unthinkable...
He put His own son in the place I should have been and Jesus took the wrath that I should have felt.
Jesus took my rejection willingly.  
Even today, Jesus' willingness stands where my willingness comes up short.
Jesus' sacrifice was not a one time event no the cross... His sacrifice is eternal, His sacrifice continues on because of His unconditional love for me.... For you.
My prayer for this morning... May God shine a light on my lack of willingness and guide my heart, soul, and mind to a place where my willingness to follow Him is not put into question. 


  1. I don't want my willingness to follow God ever put into question, Ryan, but if I'm honest with myself, that does happen. Yes, may He ever shine a light on our lack of willingness, and faithfully draw us back to Him.

    1. Yes, it does happen... the light is what i need... continually!

  2. I second your prayer this morning Ryan. So many distractions are calling.

    1. Yes they do Bill, all the time, endless, one after another... Yet, God is there.
      Thankful that He is.


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