Fear of Rejection

As I have made my way through a SHELTER in the time OF STORMS By P. D. Tripp... I have found that common themes find their way back onto the pages.

One of these themes is facing fear.   Fear of circumstance, fear of others, fear of death, perhaps even fear of spiders.  My wife would be the first to tell you that spiders is probably one of her fears.   It's not a paralyzing fear, but you know it if she encounters one.

Fear of rejection is another fear often faced.  Fear that friends will reject you, fear that a loved one may reject you.  Fear a prospective employer may reject you.  All have the feeling that I WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I have felt rejection.  I have been rejected by certain "cliques" growing up... and probably even now... though I am not bothered by it these days.   I have been rejected by prospective employers.   I have had friends turn their backs on me in time of need.  I have even been rejected by a loved one in the past.   Sure the hurt was their... the pain was intense.  And though the wounds have healed, the scars remain.

The chapter this week is dealing head on with the fear of being rejected by God.
Let me be perfectly clear... There is NOTHING that can separate ME or YOU from the Love of Christ.  NOTHING.  God will NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU.    ---from Deuteronomy 31:6

I want to finish this post with a question from the end of the chapter I am reading for this week...

Do you fear God's rejection?   How does it tend to shape the way you live?

I'll be honest, I have not feared that God's Grace would leave me...
I HAVE feared that God was deeply dissappointed in me.   This lie, this whisper from the enemy, kept me away longer than I should have been.  This barrier kept me from simply turning around noticing that God was never gone.  He was and is always right there with me.  I just needed to turn around.


  1. Like you, Ryan, I don't fear God's rejection, but there have been times when being rejected by others has truly hurt me. So glad we have a Father who will never reject or forsake us in our time of need.

  2. Until I learned about God's grace I have to admit I feared rejection. Every sin. Every slip up. Every bad deed. No more. I have no fear whatsoever.

    1. It's hard knowing that God sees not just our action, but our heart...
      Our motivation, our thoughts. Yet... He still has grace enough...
      scratch that... exhaustive grace for me.


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