As I promised... more to come.   Being under attack is never appealing.  I don't think anyone wakes up for the day and hopes for an onslaught of attacks.  Some try to avoid it all costs by simply not engaging.  Not getting up and getting out. Simply staying in the comfortable confines of their home and allowing the world to move around them.

I'll admit, I have had times like these.  Where I just did not want to engage.  Where I wanted to be left alone.  Working from home probably makes this problem a little worse at times.  The problem is, the enemy doesn't necessarily stop attacking, the attacks just may be more subtle.

Barricading may have it's purpose at times, to regroup, to re-energize, to plan an escape.  However, if the attack continues to come and one isn't proactive during the barricading, you become trapped.

Making a conscious decision to "make a move" becomes necessary.   It becomes necessary to engage the enemy head on, knowing that reinforcements are always there.   God is ready to engage but wants us to have our armor ready and swords drawn.  I have often found that most of what keeps me barricaded in are nothing more than deceiving lies whispered in my ear by the enemy that has found a way in.


  1. The last line is a keeper Ryan! The question I have to ask is "how did he get in? When did he get in?"

  2. Even in the times that we, as introverts, feel "safe" when we don't engage in outside activities, the enemy can slip in unannounced. Yes, we must have our armor ready and our swords drawn. Ryan, there are many days that the only time I leave the house is to go to the gym. I would be so vulnerable to enemy attacks if it weren't for prayer, as I do prefer silence and solitude to crowds and confusion. The evil one knows this all too well, but I take comfort in knowing that God knows me better.

    1. Your last line is what I hold on... God knows me better!


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