Goodness of God

Wrapping up this weeks chapter with a question that P.D. Tripp asks the readers...

"Where in your life  do anxiety and worry reveal that, in the press of life in this broken world, you tend to forget the 'goodness of God,' which you are guaranteed as His child?

As I read through the chapter a number of times this week, I realized I have had a lot of dreams, goals, and expectations that have never fully been realized.  Tripp writes that many of these unrealized dreams are the result of my own decisions.  I would concur.  There have definitely been areas in my life where my level of commitment was lacking.  My desire to push through was overridden by another trail. 

Then there are those dreams that never came about due to other reasons.  Areas I had no control over.  Perhaps it was a decision someone else made, maybe it was a "natural disaster", maybe it was an unexpected death.

When these circumstances arise, there are a number of responses I could apply or react with.
Anger, frustration, sadness, bitterness... the list could go on...

However, a choice could be made to look at the positive side of things.  Perhaps there was a reason.
Perhaps, just perhaps, God has a plan.  Sure my choices, my decisions, even the choices and decisions of others will have consequences.  I will surely live with the consequences.  Thankfully, God's Goodness does not have a 1 strike your out policy.  It doesn't even have a 1000 strikes your out.

God's Goodness is immeasurable and without limit.  My frustration, my anger, my sadness, my bitterness are all reactions to things not going "MY WAY".   I have to keep in mind that God's way is the better way.  I have to be reminded of this at times.  That my dreams, goals, and expectations may need to take a sideline to God's plan for His Glory and My Good.   

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those times of disappointment can lead to us feeling angry, sad, etc., but I've learned over time (and am still learning) that God's got this. It is never my way, it is His way. And I've lived long enough to know He can create beauty from ashes.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. "God's got this" -- a truth to take hold of! - Thanks Martha

  2. One of the best but hardest lessons is your very last line Ryan. (Not have a great weekend but the one before it). LOL I have had to learn that way too often.

    1. So true... besides, my expected outcome is going to be far less grand than God's expected outcome.


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