Mirror Mirror on the Wall

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all."   A line made famous by a Disney classic "Snow White" by the Queen who would ask the magic mirror to validate her expectation of being the most beautiful in all the land.

Until one day she didn't get the answer she was looking for.

Tripp identifies two types of beauty, source beauty and reflected beauty.
I think I see where He is going with it.

Source beauty is true, pure, infinite, and can stand alone.  Source beauty is God.  There is no other way to describe it.   Source beauty has no flaws, no blemishes, no shadows. Source beauty doesn't have a match. Source beauty requires nothing else... He emanates his own light

Reflected beauty, on the other hand, cannot stand on its own.  It is like looking in a mirror without an image to reflect, there is nothing.  Case in point... Walk into a dark bathroom... no light, you do not even see the mirror, let alone the image it reflects.  Without light there is nothing.
Reflected beauty gets smudged, chipped, cracked, broken. The image it reflects will change in appearance.   Another thing about reflected beauty is the further it gets away from the source, the quality diminishes.  The details fade, the spots on the mirror stand out even more.

This is the same with us, with creation.  The further away we are from the source... the more our details fade.  The more the blemishes will be seen.  Get too far away and we may not be able to reflect the source beauty at all.

The question I must ask myself.  How close am I to the source beauty.  Am I reflecting the attributes of the source or am I reflecting something else?


  1. Ryan, this is such a powerful post! We do need to think about how close to, or distant from, we are to God, our source of light and eternal beauty. Are we reflecting Him in ways that make others see Him when they look at us? As Christians, we should be shining for Him every single day.

    1. Thanks Martha... you got it... are we reflecting Him in ways others will see HIM.

  2. How close am I to the source beauty? There is a much better reflection the closer I get.

    1. How close indeed, when I get closer to the what am I am looking at, do I like what I see, if not, I am probably not reflecting what I should.


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