In my usual fashion, I will provide the question that Tripp ends the chapter with...

1) Is there a place in your life where you are under attack?  How are you responding?
Responses can be positive or negative... I suppose some responses can even be absent, i.e. no response.

I have been under attack lately with my overall health of my body.  I have a job that keeps me behind the desk for a good part of my day... 8 - 9 hours.   I take martial arts classes two to three days a week which boosts my activity for those days.  The other days have fallen short of much additional activity during the week.  The weekend, we are out and about, but other than an occasional martial arts outing, The weekend is fairly unstructured when it comes to exercise.   The lack of a good exercise plan, poor eating habits, and the fact that my body doesn't lose the weight as quickly as it use to has resulted in a significant reduction of stamina.   I have difficulty maintaining my level of activity in my martial arts classes and have even stepped out of some of the more strenuous classes.
I must admit, it has brought me down.  I have considered stepping out.  I have thought about giving up.  I recognize this isn't the proper respons

2) What evidence is there in your life that sometimes you tend to forget the safety of the protecting grace of your savior?


  1. I recognize the waning stamina in my cycling. I just don't have the stamina to daily cycle 20-25 miles around here and feel strong day after day. I know it is much more hilly than where I used to live but just riding with a friend yesterday (Tuesday. Sorry I'm late to this party) who is about 9 years younger than me showed me I don't have the strength or stamina I used to. I have chosen to not let it get me down but to serve as a motivation to accept my age but to also say, "This winter I plan to prepare my whole body at the Y."

    1. You would likely still ride circles around me Bill... I am trying to avoid allowing age to be used as a excuse. While in Korea, only a couple teenagers were able to keep pace with the master instructor that lead us up mountain. He was at least in his 60's. He climbed the mountain without breaking a sweat and often was coming up and down through the pack of us to make sure everyone was keeping up. I know I will have limitations... I also know that it takes work to maintain.
      the "whole body" plan sounds like something I need as well.


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