Removing the Head

Bill reminded me of a great video that I wanted to include... it is more for yesterday's post, but I wanted to share...
It is a song by Rend Collective call "Every Giant Will Fall"... You can see or listen to it here:

Now on to our regularly scheduled programming!

To continue on yesterday's theme... Giants To Overcome...

Once the giant has fallen it isn't enough that we let the giant lie there and regain strength.  We must cut off its ugly head.  A gruesome picture, but how often have I thought a giant had been defeated and while I was celebrating the glory of the fight or perhaps licking our wounds, the giant stands back up and takes another swing at me.   Too often!

No it's not enough to simply knock the giant down... we must insure that the ugly giant will not get up again.  

My wife, Amanda, and I spoke about this yesterday after my post.
We both have struggled with overcoming a pretty significant giant in our lives.  
Our family has scars from the battles.  Scars from wounds that have healed. The scars will never go away.  They will serve as a reminder of the battles that had to take place, the giant defeated and it's ugly head removed.


  1. Scars are healthy reminders of the battles we've fought and overcome. So when those giants come at us again, we can know Jesus will once again help us to be victorious.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. So true Martha, and this is a good perspective to have. Scars as healthy reminders to battles won with Jesus leading the charge.


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