Running From the Fight

One thing came to mind while reading my devotion were the words that could cause one to flee from the battle.

Fear being a big one and that has been covered recently...
The other is discouragement or even questioning.

I chose to attend college rather than serve in the military, though many of my friends and family have served or are serving.  Most were never involved in battles, but some were.
My grandfather suffered significant burns to both legs while serving in the Air Force during WWII.
I know it involved a plane crash, but beyond that have no additional details.
I remember as a child him having to doctor his legs every day.  He could walk, he still worked hard, and I don't remember him ever speaking much about it.
That being said, I have not faced first hand, in the physical sense, the enemy in battle.   I do not know what it is like to be hunkered down in a trench while shots were being fired overhead or grenades being tossed.  I have not faced the attack of planes or tanks or missiles.  I have not faced being commanded to move the line forward despite the certain doom that I would face.  I have not faced being forced to pull back due to progression of the enemy and the lack of reinforcements.
I am sure it could be discouraging to be involved with a war that appears to have no end.  To be walking through jungles, driving through the desert, or climbing up mountains looking for the hidden enemies. 
In war, most will stick it out.  They follow their orders.  They do what is asked of them.  They stay engaged.  Running away is not an option, unless it is commanded... and then it is only temporary.
Why then do some treat or spiritual war differently? Why have we had good soldiers leave the fight?
Why have I chosen to leave the fight more than I would like to discuss?
I think many times it is the discouragement I describe.  Perhaps I was weary.  Perhaps frustrated.
Whatever the reason, it is important to reengage.  It is important to push the enemy back once again.
It is important to stop the running and join the fight.


  1. I have not served in the military either Ryan. I am brought to my knees in humility when I talk to those who have, have fought and survived. They have my utmost respect. As do those who stand and fight our spiritual enemy. Those who engage and not quit. Running away from temptation is not always bad but fighting and not giving up is essential. I pray I will be equal to the task.

    1. I agree, running from temptation is important... but I count that as getting back into claimed territory. The fighting and not giving up is the essential part. As for those who have served... they have my utmost respect as well.

  2. Wow, Ryan, this is a superb analogy! We all need to stop running and join the fight. Praying neither fear nor discouragement will get in the way.

    1. I second your prayer Martha, that neither fear nor discouragement would get in the way.

  3. And sometimes it's just the right thing to do. Remember when Jesus sent out the twelve, how he had them rest a while after they came back, but sent them out again... reenergized and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.

    1. No doubt there are times we need to pull back for a reprieve from the front line. It is good to be reminded of this as well. Thanks Ed!


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