Under Attack!

New week, new topic...
"Under Attack"

"When evildoers assail me to eat up my flesh,
my adversaries and foes,
it is they who stumble and fall. 

Psalm 27:2

P. D. Tripp writes a poem of sorts with this chapter.
He describes life under attack in a broken world.
Attacked from the outside, attacked from the inside.
When it seems there is nowhere to turn... God is there.

Giving way to the emotions that swell within rather than allowing God to carry us through.
The thought of abandonment, of neglect, fear all grow inside...
 Forgetting all the God has already done to remove those things that drag us down.

God has provided the tools, He provides His protection, He provided His spirit to lead us to guide us through the enemy terrain.  I must not forget to whom I belong.

There are a number of circumstances I could find myself "Under Attack"

Is it on the front line while trying to press forward?
Is it after a tough battle and pulling back?
Is it while gearing up preparing for attack?
Is it while gearing down for some reprieve?
Is it while sitting in a comfy chair watching the battle from afar?
Is it while standing in front of the recruiter contemplating signing up?
Is it while AWOL, running from the fight?
Is it while fraternizing with the very enemy that is attacking?

Know this!  The world is at war, there will be attacks, there will be casualties.
If Jesus Christ is your savior, you are on the winning side and enemy has already been defeated.
The enemy just wants to take as many down with him as he can.

Where are you being attacked and how are you responding?
More to come!


  1. The world is at war and there will be attacks. So true Ryan. As I preached on Joseph I mentioned how the enemy knew his convictions and knew how his success made vulnerable to attack and he did it with laser-like accuracy. He still does the same today.

    1. He does tend to know us more than I would like. What buttons to push, what thoughts to introduce. The great deceiver didn't get that title by standing around and waiting.

  2. Oh, the enemy can attack us in so many subtle ways, mostly when we least expect it and our guard is down. I must admit he's whispered anxiety in my ears these past several days. Our granddaughter, Virginia Rose, will be taking her first plane flight this Wednesday with her Grandpa (not Danny) to Disney World. As I hate flying myself, I'm finding myself much too worried about the whole thing. So yes, I'm running to God in prayer! Would love your prayers for their safe travels.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. The enemy loves to use our fears against us and even project our fears on to those we care about. I will definitely be praying for safe travels and that your anxiety will transition to peaceful calm.


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