Undeserved Favor

One paragraph from my reading this morning that jumped off the page at me was that the favor God has for me.  It is abundant.  It is unfair.  It is undeserving!

God has chosen me to be His child.  He has chosen me to be in His family.  He has knocked down all walls, all barriers, all obstacles... to insure that I will be His.

WHY?   Why did God do this?  What could I have done to earn this awesome and amazing privilege?  The answer is nothing...

So why?   The only answer I have is the Love He Has for me.

What other reason could there be?

Tripp describes how even with the person He loves more than anything else on this earth... He still gets irritated when she (his wife) becomes an obstacle for him in completing His plan.

How true is this?  I, more often than I should, fail to see people in my life as God sees them... how he sees me.  I see the distractions, interruptions, and inconveniences as obstacles to achieving my plan.
I get frustrated, irritated, angered and may lash out.

Reading this chapter puts some of this into perspective.  Despite me being an obstacle to God's plan... and I often am with my actions and inaction, God still loves me.  He still has favor for me.   Completely Undeserved... but deeply appreciated.

Father, help me to see others as you see them.   Help me see me as you see me.  Help me not look at people as obstacles, interruptions or distractions, but help me see them as the focus of your Love, Favor, and Grace.


  1. When I see all the hatred and violence in our society, this is something I consciously have to remind myself of - God loves these people, too. I pray to see as He sees, praying that their hearts will be convicted by Jesus, and they will turn from their evil ways.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. I caught myself last night making negative comments about people. Had I not read and posted the very same morning, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. Let the growing continue. - Thanks Martha.

  2. It is ironic that I just read an article by pastor J.D. Greear where he takes to task those who say the idea of the cross is unnecessary. The say the idea of God murdering His Son is nonsense. He is a cosmic abuser (the guy who wrote The Shack says that). Without the cross I have and am nothing. Thank God for the cross!

    1. I haven't read the article, so I'll withhold comment on that, but I would say the sacrifice was necessary. The payment for my sin was necessary. Being that God allowed the use of the cross as the medium in which the payment, the sacrifice, would be made... I would say it was necessary. All I know is that without the Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection - I would have no hope.


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