I recently visited the eye doctor for my annual exam and decided to try contacts.  I didn't have to wear glasses up until about the last 7 or 8 years so the idea of getting contacts to maintain my average middle aged man appearance was not the reason.   My reason was more functional.   Riding the motorcycle, Tae Kwan Do, yard work...etc.  I wanted to be able to see my phone if needed without having to find my glasses.  I'll admit, teaching an old(er) dog new tricks... like sticking my finger in my eye, was a challenge.  Just ask my wife.  I was ready to toss these little silicone lenses right across the bathroom, but I didn't.   So I am on day four and I managed to get those slippery little suckers into my eye holes in under a minute with each eye.  PROGRESS!!!!

Some go to great lengths to change or alter their appearances.   Whether it is going to the gym hours a day to bulk up to the point where every muscle fiber in ones body is about to rip through the skin that surrounds it.   Some go under the knife for cosmetic changes.  Some insert various ornamentation into the skin at various locations throughout the body.  Some choose to get as much ink as possible on as much surface area as possible. 

There are some who choose a less permanent route through designer clothes, designer hair styles, designer make-up. 

Is this vanity?  Vanity has to do with how we want people to view us.  How we want people to react to us. In some ways how we want people to treat us in regards to our appearance.

I am not judging... just observing.   Tattoos, muscles, even cosmetic surgery can have a deeper meaning or reason.  I have close friends who are muscle bound, family that is tattooed from head to toe, and  I am sure I know people who have chosen surgery.  I am curious of the motivation.

I am thankful that God doesn't look at my appearance to determine my worth.  I am thankful that God doesn't expect me to wear designer clothes or a 3 piece suit to church.   I am thankful that my body fat percentage will not be calculated before I go through the pearly gates.  I am thankful that the flaws and blemishes will not be inspected before I sit before God's thrown.
God does not care about outward appearances, he cares about the heart.  He cares about what is on the inside, not about how I look to Him, myself, or others.


  1. I can so relate to wanting to wear contact lenses, as I've worn them since age 13, though only needed in one eye now due to cataract surgery in the other. They do make it easier to be more active, that's for sure, and vanity or not, I never liked the way glasses looked on me as one eye is so much worse than the other. I'm proud of you for being willing to take the plunge after years of eye wear, Ryan!
    But it's so true that God doesn't look at the outward appearance, but sees the heart. May our hearts be found to have 20/20 vision when it comes to loving Him!

  2. This just might be one of the best devotions you have written Ryan. So much truth, so much good stuff here. And I agree about how God sees us. It is not do I have this or that but what is my heart like? Is it seeking God? is it humble before Him and men? How people see us is not important. How God does is of ultimate importance.

    1. Thanks Bill... and yes... God How God sees me is of ultimate importance!!!


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