Where is the Battle?

The world we live in is a battle ground.  The world is broken, sin abounds.  Rants of emotion overflow into acts of violence.  Living among people who do not share the same convictions about life, about marriage, about money, about power, but most importantly about Jesus.

I picked something out of the chapter I have been reading that I missed the first few times...
I am almost embarrassed to admit it.

Where is the Battle?

Where do I engage the enemy?

Is it with my neighbor?  Is it with the driver of the car that cut me off?
Is it protesting?  Is it waving signs or shouting at crowds?

I think not.

I do not recall Jesus ever engaging anyone in a confrontational manner other than those in the temple...

I do not recall reading how Jesus displayed hatred toward the woman at the well.
I do not recall reading how Jesus joined in the throwing of stones at the prostitute.
I do not recall reading how Jesus shook his head and gossiped at the attenders of the wedding for drinking alcohol.

This was not the battle...they were not the enemy.

So what did I miss....  The last few lines of the chapter...

"I will fight evil, not with words of evil or actions of vengeance but with the one thing the enemy cannot defeat-- worship of You."

I think this needs to be my prayer today... 
The battle is in my heart, it is a battle that I must stay engaged in. 


  1. I will fight evil. It is my battle, one no one else can fight for me.

  2. Oh, wow, Ryan, what powerful thoughts you've given us here! The only way we can defeat evil is by worshiping our God and Father who created the Sabbath for us, and has already won the victory. Yes there are battles and skirmishes here on earth, but may we ever remember who the ultimate winner is.

    1. Not sure how I missed it on the first 3 reads... but it was there.... And yes, we know who the winner is and I am glad I am on His side.


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