Agenda for Life

Agendas, Itineraries, and Plans 

I like agendas.   I like going into a meeting knowing what the topic of discussion will be.  I like to know what I need to prepare for.  I like to know what might be asked of me.  I like the idea of having a plan, a set of steps, something to complete. I like to know when its about done.

How about vacation?  I like to know what is next.  What options are available. What there is to do, see, and eat.

And plans?  Plans are nice.  I recently purchased an inexpensive piece of furniture that was labeled "Assembly Required".  Most know the drill, you open the box and pull out the contents.  There are boards of various lengths and sizes, a package of assorted screws, anchors, nails, and mechanisms, and paper booklet.

Step one, read through the instructions
Step two, count the pieces
Step three, follow the instructions
Step four, read-read the instructions... something just isn't right.
I'll leave out step 5 and 6... it may not be G rated.

Most agendas, itineraries and plans have a purpose in mind.  They have a goal to achieve.  They have and endpoint that is trying to be reached.

Tripp asks a pretty pointed question at the end of the chapter titled "One Beauty"
"What things in this physical, created world tend to attract, distract, and capture you, and because of that, set the agenda for how you live?"
One thing is for sure, if you do not have an agenda, itinerary, or plan for your life, the created world and the enemy within it will give you one.

What captures my attention most... experiences, good tasting food, the rush of adrenaline.
If I am not on guard, I could allow the created world to continually capture my heart and mind with those things I am drawn to.  I need to be purposeful in my planning.  I need to have an itinerary for my day, I need to have an agenda for life.  One that puts Jesus in the center.  Not that I can't enjoy life, and the creation God has blessed us with, but I need to remember and live life in a way that continually points others to Him.


  1. That's exactly how we should live, Ryan. Our plans and agendas should place Jesus at the center of all we hope to accomplish and experience. When He is first and foremost, we can be assured of joy in the journey, not just fleeting happiness.

    1. Joy vs happiness is the distinction. Happiness is certainly fleeting at times and is based on emotion. Joy is based on the security of knowing who is in control despite the circumstances.. Thanks for another great comment!


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