Beauty From Ashes

Unless you have been living in a bubble and away from all media the past couple of weeks, the news of Dorian has probably been a common theme of discussion and attention for many.

Dorian the strongest category 5 Hurricane to hit the Bahamas devastated several of the islands this past week and left very little untouched in its path.  The amount of damage done is incomparable in the region.

What good can come from this?  How can God use such devastation for His glory?  Did God cause this to happen?  Why would God allow this to happen?

All good questions, but perhaps the wrong questions to be asking.

My beliefs may not be shared among all Christian circles, however, I do believe that God is in control.  Do I think God moved the hurricane over the Bahamas, No... Do I think God allowed the hurricane to take it's natural path, Yes.  The weather patterns we suffer from today, I believe, are the direct result of the rebellion of man.  God at one point in the past did cause massive flooding to occur.  God did open the heavens and the waters of the deep to pour out onto the earth the waters that would wash all away and allow the new to be formed.  I believe that prior to the flood, weather like this would have never been seen.

But why?  I can't answer the why.  What I can answer is that God is faithful, God is good.
In the midst of the destruction, I believe good will come.  I believe God has a plan.  I believe that God will take the "Ashes" and make them Beautiful once again.

My heart goes out to the people of the Bahamas and those who have suffered loss.  My prayers are with those who are assisting with the recovery efforts.


  1. No, Ryan, we cannot answer the whys, but like you, I believe ultimate good will come out of the ashes of ruin. Already, there are thousands donating (I gave to Samaritan's Purse just last evening for the Bahama relief) their money and resources to help those left displaced by the horrific storm. It will spread God's message of love and mercy to those hurting and grieving. What better gifts could we give to our brothers and sisters? There is hope. There is always hope.
    Blessings, my friend!

    1. And that is what we are to be bringing... The Hope of Christ.
      Thanks for the perspective Martha!


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