Bon Voyage

I know the post title indicates "Have a nice trip".
I am not one to advertise my leaving for an extended period, so I held this post until our return.

My wife and I were invited to "tag-a-long" on 4 day cruise with my daughter and her friend.
They both are 18 and the friend was gifted with a cruise for her graduation.
They initially thought they could go alone, however, my daughter was not super crazy about going such a trip with just the two of them, so my wife and I decided to sacrifice and celebrate a belated 22nd anniversary trip.

Neither of us had experienced a cruise before, so the experience was brand new.
We gave them their space, with only really scheduling our dinners together.   We found ourselves frequently bumping into each other around other meal times (as if there is a specific time for a meal on a cruise ship). 

We also planned our Nassau excursion together as they felt more comfortable being with us while on shore. 

"Bon Voyage" definitely played out.  It was a nice trip.  

A couple things I noticed while on board.  
1) The variety of people.
People from different countries, people of different ages, people from different social backgrounds, people who have taken many cruises, people who were on their first.  People there alone, people there with family, couples celebrating their honeymoon, singles celebrating their divorce.  The crewmen working hard to make the cruise enjoyable, crewmen that were there to assure safety, crewmen there to entertain, crewman there to provide food, crewmen there to take pictures, crewmen to simply answer questions.

While on the ship, people seemed to be having  a good time.
During our last evening before dinner, Amanda and I were on the deck enjoying the sunset. When an guy in his early to mid 30's approached us.  He seemed genuinely concerned.  The ship had turned to start heading north toward our port and also on the tail the newly named hurricane, Humberto
We were in no danger, but the waves were larger than we had previously experienced and the clouds toward the north were darkening.  The man was from Columbia and this was his first cruise as well.
He was looking for assurance that he would be ok.  I calmed him down and explained that we simply were turning back north toward our port and we may hit some storms, but we would make it home.
After about 5 minutes of talking, he seemed a bit calmer and I told him to go enjoy his dinner.  We would be at port in the morning. 

This is a picture of life...
Some days the storms are a brewing and the waves are rocky.   I didn't know this man, but he needed to be assured that he was going to make it through the night.  I think this encounter benefited me more than him.  It opened my eyes to the hurt and scared people that may be around me back at home that I have either chosen to ignore or simply been too busy in life to take notice.   The cruise gave me an opportunity to slow down and be more perceptive.  It gave me an opportunity to have a conversation I may not have taken the time to have it I weren't bound by the decks of a ship.
My prayer today is that I would not simply jump back into life with the throttle fully engaged.  That I would not speed through the day simply to check off my tasks from the list of todo's that seem to be ever growing.  That I would slow down and take notice.  That I would look around and see needs that perhaps God has placed me to uniquely address.

At the end of the day, I want to be able to tell my new unknown friend... Bon Voyage.


  1. Wow, Ryan, what a serendipitous adventure for all of you! I've never taken a cruise, either, but have never really been interested in it. However, from what you've described here, it could be an amazing opportunity to connect with others and show the light of Christ. So glad your words calmed this particular man's fears. May we always, no matter where we are, be mindful of those around us who may need to hear words of encouragement and hope.
    Blessings, and glad y'all are safely at home!

  2. So that was your get-away of no internet. Good for you! Now all you gotta do is Alaska!! Great observations Ryan.

    1. Thanks Bill, sounds like you enjoyed your trip as well. We were in Alaska this past February, bet it is totally different from a cruise ship a the end of summer.

  3. Oh yeah...I noticed you "sacrificed." LOL


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